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General Instructions

  1. Remove all packaging and thoroughly rinse the Peterals minerals under cold water.
  2. Place the Peterals in your dog’s drinking bowl and cover them with 1 litre of fresh water per 100g of minerals.
  3. If your dog is likely to remove, chew or play with the Peterals, then place the minerals into a jug of fresh water (1 litre of fresh water per 100g of minerals).
  4. Allow the Peterals minerals to activate for at least 10 hours before you let your dog drink from the water. If your dog drinks the water before the minerals have activated for at least 10 hours the results will be less effective.
  5. The water is now ready for your dog to drink!
  6. Top up and refresh the water regularly, repeating steps a) – e).
  7. Replace the Peterals minerals every 2 months.
  8. Expect visible results within 4-6 weeks!

Note: It is vital that your dog does not regularly drink from another water source, as doing so will greatly diminish the results.

Optimal Results

  • Top up and refresh the water regularly, repeating steps 1 - 4
  • Replace the Peterals minerals every 2 months
  • Expect visible results within 4-6 weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Peterals to work?

Peterals will begin to work right away and new burn patches should stop appearing in 4 – 6 weeks. Peterals cannot repair your dead grass, you will need to take some lawn care steps to grow fresh grass in the damaged patches.

How do Peterals work?

Peterals is an all-natural solution to dog urine patches on grass.  Peterals work by absorbing nitrates from your dog’s drinking supply.  It’s true that dogs also produce nitrates from their high protein diets, however, even a subtle change in the amount of nitrates discharged in your dog’s urine can mean the difference between healthy or dead grass.

Peterals do not expel anything into the water and act solely as a purifier, they’re completely safe and do not alter the pH level of water.

Are Peterals safe?

When our instructions are followed correctly, there are no known side effects on dogs from the use of Peterals. If you are in doubt, or if your dog has a pre-existing medical condition, please consult with a veterinarian professional before using Peterals with your dog.

What do I do if my dog will likely remove the minerals for their water bowl and chew them?

No problem! In this situation we recommend you activate the minerals in a jug and then pour the water into your dog’s bowl. This method is just as effective and removes any interaction your dog would have with minerals

How long do Peterals last?

Peterals will remain effective for up to 2 months, we recommend you replace your Peterals when this period expires to maintain optimal results

How do I refresh my dog’s water?

We advise you top up your dog’s water every night, this will allow the minerals enough time to filter out the impurities before your dog starts drinking from their bowl again. If you are using the jug method, simply top the jug up after you have poured out the water and then use the new water to top up your dog’s bowl after the activation period (at least 10 hours).

My dog regularly drinks from another source, will this affect my results?

Yes, it is essential your dog is drinking the purified water the large majority of the time. If you take your dog to work, or another location on a regular basis, then you will need to take Peterals with you to maintain optimal results.